WordPress Site Import Plugin Features

“The easiest way to import content, menus and images into WordPress from any website.”

Import Content from Anywhere

WP Site Importer will change how you build websites forever. Migrating an old site to WordPress? Want to avoid all that copy and paste? Need to get a rapid head start and quickly set up a range of pages based on another website’s structure? Want to populate the Media Library with a few clicks? The WP Site Import Plugin will speed up your process – saving you time and saving you money.

Powerful Automated Features

Import website content, navigation menus, and all of the images – saving you hours. Change all of the internal links so they still work and avoid broken link hassle. Preseve SEO elements so your page rank doesn’t suffer. The WP Site Importer Plugin for WordPress does it all – quickly and efficiently. Just provide the URL of the website to clone and let the AI engine identify content and navigation structures for you.

From Newbie to Professional

If you’re new to WordPress and want to quickly get your old website imported then our Personal edition will suit you well.

For those who make a career out of building websites then our Developer edition will allow you to migrate site after site.

And for agencies wishing to be able to demo client designs with the client’s actual content, then our Enterprise edition plugin provides excellent value.

Advanced Content Identification

The WP Site Importer Plugin for WordPress intelligently identifies the key elements of any website for you. All you need to do is provide a URL and then let it do all the work. It understands the page structure, the menus and, most importantly, the content meaning you don’t need any special skills. When coupled with automated parallel processing, it can work through hundred of pages a minute. It rapidly builds out fully working websites that are totally WordPress compliant which saves you time and saves you money.

Whether you’re looking to build a single site or you are a professional WordPress developer building dozens of WordPress sites a month – the WP Site Importer Plugin can save you a fortune and gives you back the hours, days, weeks or even months that you would otherwise spend copying, pasting and performing tedious set-up tasks.

Download now and get started in minutes – your project’s almost finished!

WordPress Plugin Website Import Settings

Easy to Use and Fully Configurable Plugin

Intuitive wizards guide you through easily and efficiently importing content, menus and images directly into WordPress from any website source. All you need to provide is a URL.

Configuration options govern how content is identified and how it appears once it is migrated to WordPress which means you don’t need any special skills. You end up with a fully working WordPress webste, populated with cleansed HTML content, the navigation menus and all of the images.

Home Page Import to WordPress

For pages that need particular attention, such as Home Pages, the “Import Single Page Wizard” gives you full control. With features controlling whether to set the newly created page as the WordPress front-page and whether to automatically publish the page. Other plugin settings govern how to deal with main heading tags and titles giving you full flexibility.

SEO content such as meta descriptions and keywords are also preserved y the plugin, ready to be used by popular WordPress SEO tools such as Yoast SEO, so your SEO work won’t get lost.

WordPress Plugin Home Page Import
WordPress Plugin Multiple Page Migration

Multiple Page Migration to WordPress

Importing the content from a single page is useful – but what if you’ve hundreds or even thousands of Pages and Posts to import? When you download WP Site Importer you’ll find the “Import Mulitple Pages Wizard” does it all for you – quickly and automatically. How quickly? How about a hundred pages a minute?

The plugin will spider an entire website, identifying pages automatically. It will then recreate everything for you – as fully compliant WordPress content. The result is just as if you’d hand populated each page yourself.

Menu Import

Creating menus in WordPress isn’t complicated – but it is tedious. That’s why the WP Site Importer Plugin ships with a handy “Menu Import Wizard” which means that you never need manually build a menu again.

After downloading, you can use the tool to identify the key menus on any website. Then, automatically rebuild them in WordPress. It will link up the menu items to imported content for you.

You end up with fully working header, footer, sidebar and other navigation menus – without having to create them by hand.

WordPress Plugin - Automated Menu Import

Quickly Import Images to WordPress

A picture may be worth a thousand words. But, if you’re re-using imagery from an old website, it can cost valuable time to populate the WordPress Media Library.

The “Localise Images Wizard” identifies all internal and external images on any website so you don’t need to manually add them.

By downloading our quality plugin you can import them, en-masse, straight into the WordPress Media Libray. Importantly, it even preseves the Alt and Title tags ensuring that you retain that all important SEO ranking.

WordPress Plugin - Import Images to Media Library
WordPress Plugin - Import Content, Migrate Content, Import Menus and Add Images to Media Library.

Plus More

We’ve made the WP Site Importer for WordPress plugin feature rich and are continually developing and extending it. You’ll automatically receive our regular product updates so you will continue to benefit from new features and our improvements.

Features such as “Undo Imports” provide reasurrance that you can proceed to import huge amounts of content and structure with confidence.

Our free support means that if you do run into any issues we’ll be there to help.

We’re so confident WP Site Importer will change how you work that, on all of our paid-for plans, we offer you a full 30 Day No-Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

Instant Access Today

Download the WP Site Importer for WordPress Plugin and migrate your website to WordPress quickly, efficiently.

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