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Why We Charge for Our Plugin

Product Quality

If you use WordPress you will probably be very familiar with the WordPress Plugin Directory. This is a great resource for free extensions to your WordPress system. You will probably also know that the quality of those plugins varies enormously. They are frequently out of date, often not having been updated in months or even years. Obtaining support may be hit and miss. You never quite know what you’re putting in your system or who to hold accountable if it breaks. There’s an old saying that if you’re not paying for a product then you are the product.

Freemium or…

Of course, there are some really good and well supported plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory. We use some of them ourselves. For example, the shopping experience on this site is powered by WooCommerce. This style of product is often made available on a “freemium” model where a free version of a product is made available with basic features. The vendor will then provide additional features and support to paying customers.


In our case, we wanted to deliver a high quality product, deliver a great support service and ensure longevity – meaning that we will still be here to support you in the future. But it does take a large investment to develop, market and support a plugin such as the WP Site Importer Plugin for WordPress. We considered offering a limited feature version of the product but felt that if we took away half of the features, the user experience would be pretty poor. Half an import is no good to anybody.

We firmly believe we deliver value and that we will save you time and money. Charging a token amount in return is fair and reasonable.

How We Charge for Our Plugin

Pay As and When You Need It

We recognise that the WP Site Importer plugin is very useful during the initial build stage of a new website. However, once that website is built, use of the plugin may be sporadic. We also recognise that website design projects vary in size and complexity. Some projects take a few hours, some take months. Finally, our customers fall into different categories – from a website owner who just wants to migrate one site to WordPress, to large digital agencies who are constantly building client sites.

Flexible Licensing Model

We felt that the fairest way of charging for WP Site Importer was to charge based on the number of pages you are likely to be importing. So, we offer various product editions each of which allows you to import a different maximum number of pages.

In addition to the pay-as-you-go editions of the product, we also offer an Enterprise edition which allows unlimited content imports. This is sold on an annual subscription basis.

Whilst you have an active license, all features of the plugin will be available. Once that license expires, content extraction will no longer work. However, all other features will remain active.

You can extend your license at any time.

How We Price our Plugin


To view our current prices, please click here. We may occasionally change these prices and we may offer various promotions from time to time.

We are completely transparent about our prices. The price you see if the price you pay. Once you have purchased a license, all product features will be made available to you – there will be no attempt to “upsell” you to a higher tier with more features.

Local Currency

As we sell world-wide, we will attempt to display prices in your local currency. There is no magic to this. We simply use your IP address to determine the country in which your computer appears to be based. Then, for large territories, such as the UK, the US or the EU we can show the price in your local currency. This simply saves you having to figure currency exchanges and helps you avoid unexpected currency transaction fees.




  1. Brian Rutherford

    Will the importer tool work with all custom coding?

    • admin

      WP Site Importer works by retrieving the rendered HTML behind each page of your old site. It then applies some artificial intelligence to that to try and separate the “real content” on each page from any clutter. Once it has the real content it inserts that afresh into WordPress as a new page.

      As such, it doesn’t care if the page is written in pure HTML, or is produced via a server side language such as PHP, ASP, Python etc. However, it cannot process any client-side programming (ie java-script) and will not navigate pages that require a login (because it could potentially navigate to pages such as “Delete my account”, “Flag as inappropriate” etc).

      The engine’s ability to detect content very much depends on what is on the page, how the site is structured and so on. Hence, we offer a free trial so that you can get a flavour for what it can process on your individual site ~ and a money back guarantee if it turns out that it doesn’t work well for you.


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