Order Processing

Once you have completed placing an order, we will immediately process it. This means that you can download, install and start to use the software immediately.

The following actions are automatically processed when you complete an order:

  1. We send you an Order Confirmation email
  2. If you are a new customer, we create you an account on our website, our Customer Support system, and our Community Forum.
  3. If you do not yet have a license key, we create you one
  4. We set the license key end date (see below for how we do this)
  5. We attach a product download link to your account (available for the duration of your license)
  6. We display the Order Receipt screen, which includes the license key details and a download link
  7. If you are a new customer, we send you a second email asking you to opt-in to our email newsletter

License Key Expiration Dates

New Customers

For new customers, your license key expiration will be determined by the type and the quantity of the product that you have purchased.

For example:

  • if you purchased a single 30 day license, your expiry date will be the current time plus 30 days.
  • If you purchase 3 x 24 hour license, your expiry date will be the current time plus 72 hours.


Existing Customers with an Expired License

For existing customers with an expired license, your license key expiration will be determined as above.


Existing Customers with a Current Active License

For existing customers who already have an existing, current license, we treat the purchase as an extension. The end date will therefore be extended according to the type and quantity of the product you purchased.

For example if you still have 20 days remaining on your license, and you purchase a further 30 day license, your expiry date will be extended by a further 30 days, meaning it will now expire in 50 days.




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