Removing the Software

To remove the WP Site Importer plugin, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the plugins menu
  2. Locate the WP Site Importer plugin
  3. Click on the deactivate link
  4. Finally, click on the delete link

The software will then be fully removed.

You can re-install the software at any time.

If you wish to also remove all imported content, it is much easier to do so before you uninstall the plugin.


  1. Babatunde Oladepo

    Thank you for this, I migrated from blogger to WordPress with WordPress importer, now I think some plugins are slowing my site down.

    I want to delete some plugins, so if I deleted WordPress importer, I hope it won’t affect my site content?


    • admin

      Once you’ve completed your migration you can indeed remove the wpsiteimporter plugin. Your content will remain.
      It might be worth adding that, other than occasionally checking for updates, the plugin consumes no resources when not being used.


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